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Home sweet home. This is where it all started, the inspiration behind my new clothing line, Yuba Love. After visiting this place for the past 25+ years, I felt it was high time to honor this sacred river by starting a whole new line of apparel around it and in return, giving back what’s its given me; peace, joy, happiness, friendship and solitude.

I’ve cried my eyeballs out here, I’ve loved here, I’ve been swept down river nearly drowning at the age of 16, I’ve seen loss and heartache and even marriage proposals. The Yuba is beyond special, in return, I want to honor this sacred place with a portion of all proceeds going back to support this sacred river.

Behind the Camera

Nevada City Scenics

Nevada City Scenics is the work of photographer Kial James. As a photographer, I take tremendous pride in capturing and showcasing the hidden beauty of Nevada City, CA and surrounding areas and in turn, bringing these images for the world to see and share. From historic buildings to stunning night photos, my passion is to showcase Nevada City and surrounding areas to local and visitors alike in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

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Nevada City Scenics

Join us in the near-daily postings of local scenic photography of the Gold Country.

Kial James, Photographer

Howdy! I’m a self-taught photographer and artist, based in Nevada City, California.

Photography + Design

Follow along on my photography and design adventures outside of The Yuba.